Looking for a Crop Water Stress Index camera?

  • Water Status - monitor the lack of water the crop is exposed to during the growing season, regardless of whether the crops are irrigated or not. Colour map “Crop” and “CropStep” available.

  • Irrigation management - Irrigation system optimisation both in terms of determining suitable locations for the location of soil sensors and in terms of structure optimisation. Colour map indicating “Water” and “WaterStep” available.

  • Phenotyping – Different plant varieties are susceptible to the amount of water available. The WIRIS Agro will help you determine how often the plants of a given species are in water stress, compared to plants of other species.

  • Camera offers LWIR band sensor (640×512) and 10x optical zoom RGB camera with resolution full HD (1920 x 1080 px).

Workswell’s WIRIS Agro is the first device of its kind designed to map water stress across large areas in the field of precision agriculture. The aim of this method and device is to determine the value of water stress in the plant stand. For example, this information may be used to determine yield maps, optimize irrigation, or control water management remedies. Camera offers LWIR band sensor (640×512) and 10x optical zoom RGB camera with resolution full HD (1920 x 1080 px).

wiris agro crop water stress index cwsi-sw.jpg

The crop water stress index (CWSI) was developed (in 1981) as a normalized index to quantify stress and overcome the effects of other environmental parameters affecting the relationship between stress and plant temperature.


Product Features


Crop drought – actual and real value

In the dry season what we are usually interested in is the actual effects of drought on crops. These impacts are not only dependent on the condition of the so-called climatic drought, but also on the groundwater drought, the size of the plant root system, etc. Measuring the water stress of plants with WIRIS Agro will help you to determine the actual and real effects of drought on the crop.


WIRIS AGRO potential-yield-maps-inverse.png

Potential yield maps

Based on the value of water stress, an approximate potential yield map can be determined. Obviously, the more plants are hit by drought, the lower their yield. Worksell CWSI Analyzer software, that comes in bundle with WIRIS Agro, makes it possible to generate potential yield maps from a large number of images across many hectares in a very short time (Challenging calculations common, for example, for orthophotogramers are not needed).

With WIRIS Agro you can get actual values of crop water stress during the flight, or you can use the collected data to create an overview map. By comparing yields from different years depending on water stress, a potential yield map can be created according to the current water stress value.


Software included – CWSI Analyzer

Workswell CWSI Analyzer is a desktop software used to processing of CWSI images. It allows setting of individual parameters necessary for correct calculation of CWSI, both tabular and additional measurement. The software includes predefined most common crops where table values are entered directly. The big advantage of the software is the ability to process hundreds of images at once (mass data processing).

The software is supplied free of charge to the WIRIS Agro.


Weight< 430 grams

Dimensions (L x W x H)83 mm x 85 mm x 68 mm

Mounting2 x 1/4-20 UNC thread (1x bottom side, 1x upper side)

Housing materialDurable aluminium body for long-time measurement stability